The Elf Saga Series

Four novels spanning a century of elf wars, plagues, curses, monsters, and fun!

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Something is rotten in the elf kingdoms of Vaenos. The mighty unicorns have vanished, the glittering faeries are few, and the monstrous dragons are running wild... so now five great warriors must save the world. (Spoiler alert: They do! And it's a really fun ride.) Fortunately, this is not your typical epic fantasy.

Explore a world of sword and sorcery that's as classic as it is bizarre with JENAVELLE, a knight who's sick and tired of fantasy cliches, AMINA, a desert princess with a fondness for pirates, NIYA, a hard-drinking mercenary in search of her next ex-girlfriend, TOMOE, a samurai shaman who is coping well with her recent resurrection, and LOZEN, a beautiful hunter whose hobbies include fine cuisine, high fashion, and excessive violence.

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Thirty years ago, an incredible group of elven heroines saved the world from the dragon apocalypse. Now their daughters are on a quest of their own... to save themselves! (Because the world is okay, for the moment.) Now they must embark on a terrifying voyage to a lost city and journey down into dark, forgotten labyrinths to confront ancient horrors in search of the miracles that can keep them alive.

Explore an epic fantasy world that's as classic as it is bizarre with GENESEE, an artist who desperately wants to get rid of her jaguar powers, RAJANI, a young healer with a fabulous flying ship and an entourage of faeries, AMARA, a gunslinging princess with a baby on the way, and NAHINA, an expert sailor trying to save her long-dead family.

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When four strangers are mysteriously summoned to a strange land at the top of the world, they discover that they are all descendants of famous heroes, and they must join forces to save a city torn apart by civil war and the angry spirits of the vengeful dead! Caught between warring shamans and gunmages, possessed witches and ancient giants, these four must set aside their vendettas and tragic pasts if they want to survive...

Explore an epic fantasy world that's as classic as it is bizarre with WINONA, a cursed gunslinger looking to start a new life after years of war, VALINDER, a dashing sky pirate who keeps losing his flying crystal ship, KSENIA, a dragon-mistress desperate to avenge her lost family, and TSETSEG, an exiled unicorn-rider who is secretly thrilled that she is no longer a princess.

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This will never be your typical epic fantasy. When Zaya and her friends learn that the world is dying, they set out to play hero just like their ancestors did. But whole countries lie in ruins, armies of refugees roam the land, toxic storms ravage the earth and sea, and no one is coming to help them. Zaya wants a villain to slay, and Roxy thinks she can fix anything, but Adeja suspects this may be a fight that no one can win...

Explore a world of sword and sorcery that's as classic as it is bizarre with ZAYA, an apprentice shaman who just wants to fight the undead, ROXY, a one-armed inventor with a healthy fear of dragons, BASTIEN, a romantic drunk who wishes he'd never become a healer in the first place, and ADEJA, a beautiful singer who just inherited the most powerful weapon in the world... and wants nothing to do with it.

The World of Vaenos

In the world of Vaenos, there are dozens of elven kingdoms full of dragon-taming mercenaries, unicorn-riding soldiers, faerie-commanding healers, dream-walking sages, cackling witches, grouchy shamans, clever inventors, swashbuckling sky-pirates, grim-faced gunslingers, pretty princesses, charming treasure hunters, murderous mermaids, over-protective mothers, and strangers from beyond the stars.

Each book stands alone as its own adventure, in its own unique time period with its own unique heroines. Yep, heroines. All of the main characters are women. In every book.

But together, these stories create an actual "saga" (take that, Candy Crush!) about several families full of adventurers, building on each other's discoveries (and screw-ups) to change their world from one generation to the next.

Can you really just read one-and-done? Absolutely, with any of them. But if you read more, you'll see more and more connections in the background between the characters, their families, and their world as time passes, which is pretty cool too.

About the Author

So you actually want to know about the author? Okay, here goes:

I have no sense of smell. Seriously.

As a person, I used to be pretty interesting, at least on paper. I have a black belt in Kenpo, I sailed through an electrical storm in the dead of night off Montauk Point, I've climbed mountains and jumped off cliffs, played drums in a couple rock bands, and spent a lot of time biking, kayaking, and archering. Archerying? Arching? Shooting arrows at things.

Still here? Okay, let's talk about writing!

I have been sketching fantasy maps and outlining fantasy stories since middle school, which was multiple decades ago. I remember making a diorama/3D map of The Hobbit in third grade. My favorite scenes in The Lord of the Rings books are Tom Bombadil's house and then the fleeting reference to a fox that sniffed at the sleeping heroes and then went on about his business. I used to love Conan the Barbarian stories, and Fafyrd and the Gray Mouser.

Since 2010, I've just been writing my fingers off (ew, gross image, sorry) and publishing everything online for you guys. And you've been very kind with your ratings and reviews, thank you for that.

After writing the alt-history fantasy series AETHERIUM, and the Arabian-African fantasy series ANGELS AND DJINN, I really wanted to have more fun, just genuine fun with my fantasy writing. I wanted humor. I wanted to make fun of tropes. I wanted to celebrate diverse cultures and historical heroes that don't get enough play in the fantasy genre (in my opinion). So, I wrote ELF SAGA.

I love being part of the book world. I get to meet amazing writers and artists from all over the planet, sometimes to collaborate on joint projects, sometimes to hire contractors to help with my projects, and sometimes just to share experiences. I highly recommend it.

Standard closing line: I was born in Annapolis, attended the University of Maryland at College Park, and currently live in Maryland with my family, two cats, and one bag-worm infested pine tree.